Social media marketing

The power of influencer marketing and how to utilise it effectively

  • On : January 10, 2023

Ten years ago, only A-list superstars could sway consumer opinion. Since everyone can now become an influencer, brands have additional options to connect with their target audience. You hardly ever scroll through your preferred social media site without coming across an influencer marketing ...

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influencer marketing

6 Tips for Developing Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • On : May 10, 2021

As an industry set to balloon to nearly $7.4 billion in value on Instagram alone, influencer marketing is showing no signs of slowing down in 2021.

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B2B Influencer Marketing

Marketing Strategy for B2B – Influencer Marketing

  • On : February 15, 2021

Influencer marketing has been around for a while, however, has often been seen as a B2C tactic; leading to its slow acceptance in B2B circles. While B2C companies were flourishing through the help of mega-influencers, B2Bs have been skewed towards more traditional ways of marketing. But, this ...

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