Do marketing metrics show the true picture?

  • On : December 14, 2022

Metrics are crucial. They establish operational discipline, aid in evaluating the efficacy of critical tasks, and confirm that the objectives of the business are being met. For marketers, metrics can convey important messages. They convey messages about how we evaluate our impact on the ...

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business men discussing challenges in marketing

The Biggest Challenge In Marketing Is You

  • On : June 20, 2022

Marketers are always having to learn, adapt, adjust campaigns, and address a range of challenges. Today, marketing is so fast paced that it can be difficult to identify which areas you want to develop to facilitate stronger growth in 2022 and the future. If you’re a marketer who sees the same ...

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marketing automation

How to Set Up Marketing Automation for your Business

  • On : April 15, 2021

Marketing automation is about turning your marketing practices or communication with customers into processes that are systemized and automated.

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Sinking in a Sea of Customers? Swim with CRM

Sinking in a Sea of Customers? Swim with CRM

  • On : November 14, 2019

CRM is a strategic approach to detailing and maintaining relationships with current and potential customers. Proper use of CRM tools streamlines your customer pipeline and pivots your business toward success. Let’s take a deeper dive.

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