Robots on a desk

Robotics in the workplace, how does it affect you?

  • On : October 26, 2017

Reality Check: Robots haven’t just landed in the workplace – they are already expanding their skills, increasing productivity and retention rates, and moving up the corporate ladder. Technology continues to bring unprecedented improvements into the workplace that essentially streamline processes and creates efficiency.

How are robots moving up the corporate ladder?

  • Robotics are working with a high degree of precision – their accuracy is hard to match.
  • Robotics work day in, day out without committing mistakes where humans eventually burn out or become lazy.
  • Robotics are much cheaper than humans especially now as their costs are starting to decrease.
  • The various abilities and capabilities of robotics is continuing to increase due to advances in software’s, technology and artificial intelligence.


If you thought you were competing against other employees for a position, you might need to rethink your strategy. You could find yourself up against a stronger force.

So, while robots are climbing the corporate ladder, employees need to start rethinking the way they are working in the workplace.


Creating a learning culture based on disruption

It’s fact – an education will never last you a whole career. These days, employees need to continue to educate themselves and better their skill set if they want to survive.

As technology and automation continues to disrupt the way we work, it’s critical now more than ever that workplaces are embedded in their operations. There is always something new to learn.

Teams need to build up the skills required to face this change as it increasingly arrives in the workplace. Employees need to be thinking strategically, collaboratively and actively engaging with change, or they might just find artificial intelligence could put you out of work.

An effective learning culture that combats disruption will perhaps be the differentiating factor between success and failure.


The Robotic Marketer Colleague

At Marketing Eye, we understand what the future of marketing looks like – marketers working alongside robotics.

The Robotic Marketer will be able to build the most in depth marketing strategy you could imagine, while it will be up to the marketer to assess and build upon strategic and tactical recommendations. Together, machines and humans will advance the marketing department as we know it.

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