Outpace the Learning Curve: Establish Team Culture that Cultivates Success

Outpace the Learning Curve: Establish Team Culture that Cultivates Success

  • On : October 5, 2019

Often, we know far less than we’d like to admit. In a whirlwind of learning new industry jargon, client briefings and technical approaches to marketing, I’ve found myself in this position—admitting that I don’t always have all of the answers. This is my first week in a hybrid role, servicing projects for both Robotic Marketer and its sister company, Marketing Eye. It’s an exhilarating ride with a fast-paced, startup culture. Out of all facets of this first week, I’d particularly like to highlight my team!

Absorbing components of a new role can be a bit like drinking from a fire-hydrant. Although I’m overwhelmed at times, I’ve realized I’m in an extremely fortunate disposition. I have something so unique—an outstanding team that is building a sustainable culture. At Robotic Marketer and Marketing Eye our team has graciously shared their time, insight and tips to give me a jumpstart in my developing career.

The only moments in my life that I’ve truly regretted were the moments missed in resolving to know others—learning how to share with them that they are valuable and discover what they love the most. Both of the teams with Robotic Marketer and Marketing Eye are well worth knowing! Even within my first week my teammates at Atlanta Tech Village have cultivated skills that are strong in me and nurtured areas where I’m weak.

I’ve been exploring Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns and studying designs that appeal to consumers. There’s a modern simplicity in the creation of EDM that we’ve often miss—in the copy, visual and product design. My teammates have taught me this. When fashioning strategies for specific clients we have to cater to their voice and write in their tone, not our own. My teammates remind me of that each day. Everything that I’ve learned in my first week has come from the team and the culture in which I’m immersed.  

 As an ode to my team and a tribute to the culture, which our founder Mellissah Smith has forged, I’d like to remind us of three principles on the reasons why a strong team builds strong business.

Culture Attracts Talent:

If we have a product that lacks culture, we aren’t likely to attract customers—moreover, if the vehicle driving our service or product lacks culture, we will fail to attract talent. When recruiting, employers are looking for candidates that aptly fit the company culture. However, if we haven’t established our communal values, intrinsic vision and other objectives, how are we to locate talent that reflects that? I’d like to reference Field of Dream’s most iconic line:

“If you build it, they will come.”

Build the culture and atmosphere of your company first and then you will be able to attract the right employees.

Trust Operates As Ethics:

 An element that a variety of businesses lack is a culture of trust. When employees operate as individual units they become stagnant. They fail to trust others or move beyond their lane of immediate responsibilities. In a culture that lacks trust, ethics begins to suffer. Work to establish trust among your employees. When they are vulnerable fewer things will be kept in secret—less confusion on tasks, less cutting corners and more employees admitting areas where they are weak. Where there is trust, companies will improve their ethics.

Teams Inspire A Dynamic of Learning:

When teams trust each other, they build an atmosphere and environment where ideas are shared. Where ideas are ample and fluid it will influence the way others learn. Teams equipped with fluidity and adaptability will share more methods, techniques and approaches to make their business successful.

Where pride could easily take root, my team reminds me of the many skills I’ve yet to learn and are constantly encouraging me to improve. Robotic Marketer is developing a culture with a fluid communication style that impacts how we learn and work. Our Robotic Assistant and community of professionals can also improve your culture and how your business functions daily. To build the future of business and pioneer new, results-driven approaches to marketing, join the Robotic Marketing team.

– Content Writer: Michael Banks