LinkedIn: How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • On : September 8, 2022

As a platform with over 830 million registered users, LinkedIn is the most used social media platform for businesses and employees. Besides being a platform for jobseekers and employers that are recruiting, LinkedIn is now a must-use for marketers to level up their digital marketing skills.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is viewed as the premium version of LinkedIn, which is valued at $64.99, it provides you with the opportunity to find leads much more effortlessly. It gives you with a step ahead of your competitors as it helps leverage the competition more effectively, discover actionable insights to have a better understanding and also gives you better precision in terms of target leads relevant to your target.

Now that you understand what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is, we can go over how to use it.

Start Your Free Trial

What better way to start using something you aren’t familiar with then a free trial? LinkedIn gives users the option to use Sales Navigator for free for a month. With this you’ll need to give them your credit card information as the way to sign up for this offer, but don’t worry, you can cancel your subscription before the trial ends.

Finding the Right Customers with Advanced Search

Using advanced search has become quite popular for the Sales Navigator users as it allows the user to identify similar prospects that match with your buyer persona, or past customers that have used your product or services. This can be done by finding a LinkedIn profile of a past or current customer, selecting the dropdown menu and then there will be an option labelled “View similar”, providing you a list of 100 similar leads to the profile chosen.

Sales Navigator also gives you the list of all the people that has viewed your profile in the last 90 days, as well as additional information such as insights on the different demographics, trends, etc. Giving you the option to view all this information is quite useful, but in saying that, you may also be targeting your competitors and past clients. LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you the option to blacklist names from your list, ensuring that you won’t be sending an outreach message to the wrong people.

To do this, go to:

  • Search past client and competitors
  • Add them into your account list
  • Click on the Workflow tab and select Blacklist
  • Click Exclude.

Filtering Sales Preference

If you go over to the settings page on your profile, you’ll see that there’s a “Sales Preference” option. Using this will allow you to narrow down your list into a more targeted approach based on the industry, geography, function and also the size of the business.

Not only is this an effective option to specifically target a more precise audience, it will also show you lead recommendations based on the preferences that are set by you. There are an additional 20 other search filters that can be applied into the search including keywords, company, title and many more.

Optimise your Profile

LinkedIn Sales Navigator will definitely give your profile the boost needed to stand out from other competitors or users on the platform. This is done as it enlarges your profile picture and cover photo, as well as throwing you up higher in the search results. For many B2B marketers, 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn, so having this extra push to the top is quite effective.

With this in your favor, it is also important to note that a clear, updated profile with a high-quality photo, clear job title, detailed experience and an interesting summary are vital in complimenting the advantages of the profile boost provided.

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Worth the Money?

Now that we come to understand more about what LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator can do, the burning question is whether it is worth the money or not.

The answer is yes.

Even if you’re still on the fence with using the Sales Navigator, remember that there is a one-month free trial that you can take advantage of. I definitely recommend giving LinkedIn Sales Navigator a go regardless of the size of your business.


Author – Nathan Lay

Image source: shutterstock_1499185028