How To Use Live Broadcasts For Your Company

How To Use Live Broadcasts For Your Company

  • On : May 15, 2020

Source: Marketing Eye Australia

Implementing a live video experience for your brand is an incredible opportunity to bring your audience together. Whether you are filming product demonstrations or a roundtable interview, your audience can use your live broadcast as an opportunity to stay informed on what your business is doing. There are plenty of platforms available to produce your live broadcast, so it’s easier than ever for companies to do this. Below, we have a few pointers for businesses to consider before implementing a live video experience.

Content creation

Live streaming is an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. While a professional, polished video is certainly a good look for your branding, live video requires you to be creative on the fly. It’s a raw and off the cuff experience that’s a great showcase for your authenticity. Deciding what you want to talk about is the crucial first step. An easy way to get started on creating your live content is treating your broadcast like a case study. Pick a common pain point in your industry and discuss how your company has navigated situations like this. Whatever topic you choose, it needs to be accessible to current customers and prospects. Effective videos don’t alienate any segments of your audience.

Content promotion

Once you’ve done the hard work of creating your live video content, the next step is making sure that people see it. If you’re broadcasting on social media, the option to share that content is already built into the platform. After you’re done recording, take the time and effort to reshare that video content to grow your audience. Organically, you can share your live broadcast via social posts, your website, or even an email campaign. It’s typically best to announce that you’re going live with the date, time and appropriate links, but it never hurts to share after you’ve gone live.


When you’re choosing a platform to broadcast your video, make sure that there are features that allow your audience to be a part of the conversation. Audience engagement is a massive opportunity for companies who choose to use a live broadcast, and your viewers may want to weigh in on the ongoing conversation. Engagement goes both ways, so it’s important to respond to the questions and comments as they come in.

Data collection

The biggest advantage of using a platform for your live video broadcast is the ability to track and collect data. With a basic platform like Facebook or LinkedIn, you can observe metrics like views, shares, and comments to give a better idea for how your video is performing. But if you want the good data, invest in a live video platform that will find you deeper insights about your audience. With a platform like this, you can track each viewer and know exactly when they have tuned into your broadcast. Deeper insights can help to push your audience to make purchases down the road.

Source: Marketing Eye Australia