How are humans and artificial intelligence platforms working together

How are humans and artificial intelligence platforms working together?

  • On : April 12, 2019

If you ever used Siri on your smartphone or saved your vacation memories on the cloud, you already know what Artificial Intelligence is but probably not how it works. It is one of the biggest technological improvements we’ve ever experienced. It’s the “ability for a computer system to perform tasks that normally requires human intelligence”. Indeed, this tool is used in every domain by governments, corporations and individuals to save time and be more productive. However, Artificial Intelligence is quite complex and most of humans don’t really know how it works. Yet, everyone is using it on a daily life basis.

How Artificial Intelligence became our assistant

Social media, email, entertainment recommendation or customer support… As consumers AND marketers, we use Artificial Intelligence every day. It really helps us on different aspects of our daily work and tasks.

Automation is one of AI’s domains that help humans the most. It consists in automating manual processes and is used in invoicing, marketing, job applications, scheduling, email and a thousand of other purposes. It gives you extra time to do something else, fantastic. We also use Artificial Intelligence when it comes to social relationships. Have you ever used a website translation when in a foreign country? Most Artificial Intelligence platforms support speech recognition and interaction to facilitate customer and public relations. We also use something we can’t physically see or touch but yet really useful: Cloud infrastructures. The cloud has nothing to do with the white fluffy stuff you find in the sky, it is where all your and other people data are gathered. Netflix, Google Drive and Apple iCloud are all cloud services you use every day, right?

Knowing how to use Artificial Intelligence is a thing, but do you know how it really works?

There is a human behind every Artificial Intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence platforms are known for simulating the cognitive functions that human minds usually perform. Indeed, a human brain is needed in the first place. AI needs Big Data and algorithms to work and develop. Yet, only humans can insert data in the program. Artificial Intelligence only reproduce what a human tells it to do and then, humans again overlook the data collected by the AI. This is how humans and AI work together. Humans settle AI and fuel it with data and algorithms, not AI itself.

However, Machine Learning, which is the ability to reproduce previous experience or to improve from experience, makes us feel like Artificial Intelligence does not need humans and can learn for itself. But don’t worry, that time is not yet to come.