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Does AI Develop Marketing Strategies?

  • On : December 30, 2022

In present times, many marketers are starting to include AI into their marketing strategies. For marketing, AI can be used in various ways such as processing customer data, tailoring personalised messages, automated decision making and the list goes on. The point is – there are many great uses for AI in marketing. But with that said, is it possible for AI to develop a marketing strategy? The following blog will discuss if this is possible and if so, can it be done today? Or perhaps only in the future as AI progresses?

What can AI do now?

Evidently, AI has progressed very far since it was first developed in 1951 by a research group from The University of Oxford. In earlier days, AI was only used in games as a bot and could only complete a simple game of checkers in a reasonable time. However, AI is now used for many things for many industries ranging from personalising a consumer’s shopping experience, detecting fraud, autonomous vehicles, voice assistants and more.

For marketing in particular, AI current provides the following functions:

  • Bringing a real-life product to a virtual space.
  • Predictive analysis to serve and cater to customers’ tastes.
  • Identifying new trends
  • Personalised Content Marketing
  • Chat Boxes
  • Personalised Email Marketing

So, Can AI Potentially Develop a Complete Marketing Strategy?

With all the on-going progressions on AI, there is no doubt that it one day can generate a marketing strategy. Since AI has already done so much in the marketing world, they will soon be able to curate marketing content and plans. However, it is subjective as to whether the generated marketing strategy from AI will be successful. Therefore, before companies start to use AI generated strategies, they must first be tested. Some limitations that an AI-generated marketing strategy might have include being unable to predict events (such as the COVID-19 pandemic), being unable to produce content like a human digital marketer, quality of the content might not be good or feel original. 

Can Companies Today Use AI in Replacement of Human Labour to Generate Marketing Strategies?

Many companies today include AI in their marketing strategies, but they are still unable to completely eradicate human labour to foresee the jobs that AI is able to complete. Contemporarily, human marketing managers are still the ones that come up with a company’s marketing strategy and AI is still not entirely dependable to carry out the job. Even so, when AI does a job, there are times when humans are still required to check the work done as well as approve any work that is going to be done. Moreover, humans will still be needed to operate the AI such as programme it to meet needs etc. Hence, it would be unfair to say that AI could fully replace human labour as of now. However, we will never know what the future holds for AI.

 Some Final Thoughts

To summarise, the blog talks about how AI operates in the current world and how it is currently integrated seamlessly into our lives. Many different industries utilise AI and so do most marketers. Some current AI marketing functions are personalising marketing content, predictive analysis, analysing consumer data, chat box functions and identifying trends. The blog concluded that it is possible for AI to develop a marketing strategy in the future. However, the success of the generated strategy is subjective and will need human input to prevent the risk of failure. Apart from that, an AI generated marketing strategy will need various testing to ensure that it is effective.

To conclude with some final thoughts, it is possible for AI to generate a marketing strategy. However, currently, the generated marketing strategy is not full proof enough for marketers to use. AI today still needs work and comes with various limitations. With that said, it might be more useful for marketers to use an AI generated marketing strategy in the future as AI further develops.

By: Tiffany Tan