The Latest In Google Algorithms: How It Affects Your SEO

  • On : September 1, 2022

Google’s algorithm changes on average 12 times each day. For those who have spent time in the SEO world, you’d know how this can impact your web page. One minute you’re all ecstatic because your website has shown up on the first page of Google, only to see the next day you’re on the 50th.

For site owners, it is crucial to stay on top of Google’s algorithm updates, ensuring your content is SEO-friendly and can be found without a hassle.

Whilst most of these algorithm updates are minor, they can hold major implications on your SEO.

What is the Google Algorithm?

Google’s algorithm is a complex system that retrieves data from pages and ranks webpages according to both relevance and quality.

When you search for something on Google, millions of results come up. Each page typically shows only 10 results; therefore it is crucial to aim to get on the first few pages or else it is unlikely you’ll be found. Website visibility determines how often and how easily your site can be found on Google, and for any site owner – this is the main objective. This can be referred to as improving your site’s ranking or search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the process of implementing techniques that will rank your website high in search engine results.

For a business, the overall goal of SEO is to increase your visibility, to attract both prospective and existing customers. In simple terms, if people are unable to easily find your business’ website, your ability to obtain leads is limited.

Understanding the impacts of Google’s algorithm on your SEO is extremely important because ultimately, your SEO is dependent on it. Whilst these updates do not target specific pages, each update is bound to have some sort of implication on a business’ SEO.

How The Google Algorithm Impacts Your SEO

In simple terms, if your website doesn’t rank high on Google – to many people you’re practically invisible. With an estimated 5.6 billion searches happening each day, for any webpage not search engine optimized, it would be very easy to get lost ‘in the crowd’!

Whilst typically the algorithm changes are minor, some have the potential to disrupt the way businesses do SEO forever.

New Update Alert

One of the most recent Google algorithm changes is known as Google Helpful Content Update which has only just rolled out on August 25th. This change allows people to find organic and truthful content more easily. Additionally, if your website holds a relatively high level of unhelpful content, chances are you will not rank well on the search engine. This change was implemented so that webpages that hold content that has been primarily created to rank well on Google, are ranked lower than those who withhold genuine and helpful content.  In short, if your web page was designed specifically to rank well, your website will be downgraded. For site owners, this new update can have permanent implications on your SEO if changes aren’t made.

As algorithm updates are implemented so frequently, it is crucial to pay careful attention and monitor the changes that may occur as a consequence.

5 Things to Do After A Google Algorithm Update To Improve SEO


Site owners should regularly monitor their SEO performance to determine their overall visibility. There is an abundance of third-party tools that are available to track your presence and compile SEO ranking reports so you can closely monitor changes.

Software such as AgencyAnalytics offers tools to track and report your overall SEO ranking so site owners can monitor the impacts of an algorithm update. This will allow them to gain a broader understanding of the necessary changes that must be made to combat the impacts.


Sites such as Search Engine Journal compile a full list of all Google algorithm updates. Here, the core ranking factors are generally discussed, and webmasters can find some general guidance on how this could affect their SEO. Research after an update is extremely crucial, as it will provide an understanding of what you will need to change on your website to improve your SEO ranking and increase your website’s visibility.


Google algorithm updates generally attempt to wash out unhelpful content that users might not enjoy. To deal with these updates, it is crucial that the content you are publishing on your website is highly valuable as quality content supports SEO.

Before sharing content on your website, you will need to have a deep understanding of exactly how people will find your content, and what they will use it for. Owners must also consider the outcome they want from the content they’re providing.


In updating your SEO strategy, it is important to understand that results do not happen overnight. Changes should also be made moderately, rather than all at once. If too many changes are happening at one time, site owners will fail to identify what is most effective and which isn’t.

From here, you can gauge what is and what is not working for your website, and necessary changes can be made accordingly. Updating your SEO strategy is all about trial and error so owners must ensure they are committed to making regular site changes.


Undoubtedly, Google’s algorithm is everchanging and implications on your site’s SEO are inevitable. As a site owner, ensuring that you are on top of any upcoming changes in the algorithm will allow you to avoid any unwanted penalties.

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