Top trending Marketing Tactics

5 Top Trending Marketing Tactics – relevant right now

  • On : March 3, 2023

As the world increasingly adopts digital technology, the marketing field constantly changes, frequently emerging new methods and approaches. For businesses to remain competitive, they must keep abreast of the latest marketing tactics and strategies. This discussion will delve into the top five ...

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sales vs marketing

Why Marketing is Not Sales

  • On : August 18, 2021

Often used interchangeably Sales and Marketing are two aspects of business that are intrinsically linked, yet at the same time, both very different. Failure to understand the difference will be to your business’s detriment.

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strategy and tactics

Marketing Strategy Vs Tactics: What’s The Difference?

  • On : August 11, 2021

Two terms that are thrown around often within the marketing space are the words strategy and tactics. Often used interchangeably, many marketers use such phrases to encompass the formative stages of marketing for a business. The misuse of these phrases comes as no surprise, however, as both ...

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re-evaluate your marketing approach

Why Now Is The Best Time To Re-evaluate Your Marketing Approach

  • On : August 10, 2021

Amidst the most unpredictable times of our generation, being able to adapt and adjust is now more important than ever. Focusing your attention on re-evaluating your marketing approach will provide you with the critical direction you need to stay competitive. 

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powerful marketing strategies

Steps to Creating Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business Faster

  • On : August 6, 2021

Marketing is the most formidable tool for facilitating growth in your business. Executing carefully formulated marketing strategies is likely to welcome various benefits for your organization. Below are the steps you take to creating powerful marketing strategies any business can implement as ...

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video marketing

Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Dead In The Water Without Video

  • On : August 4, 2021

When used right, video marketing is an incredibly powerful and successful marketing tool.

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marketing technology

5 Ways Technology is Changing Marketing Consulting

  • On : July 23, 2021

Advances in technology affect every part of our lives, so it’s without question that it has significantly changed the world of marketing too. Marketing consultants have to adapt their strategies to keep up with a very technology-driven society.

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Why Every Business should have a SWOT Analysis

  • On : July 12, 2021

Conducting a SWOT Analysis isn’t just something you learn to do for your Marketing Degree. Conducting a thorough review of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats is crucial for businesses looking to stand out for the crowd and generate more leads. Without understanding what is ...

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small business marketing trends 2021

5 Small Business Marketing Trends You Need To Know About

  • On : June 30, 2021

Small businesses are faced with limited resources and are often up against significantly larger competitors. In order to reach your audience at the right time, it is very important to regularly keep your finger on the pulse of fluctuating marketing trends. In fact, regularly researching ...

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The Need-to-knows About Digital PR

The Need-to-knows About Digital PR

  • On : June 28, 2021

Digital PR is a strategically planned activity of using internet-based tools and methods to attain an increase in online presence and visibility.

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