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Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Dead In The Water Without Video

  • On : August 4, 2021

When used right, video marketing is an incredibly powerful and successful marketing tool.

Video marketing works so well for several reasons, all pointing towards a lessening attention span and increased competition for consumers’ attention. We live in a world where we are constantly stimulated by technology, whether it’s your phone or a screen at the pump while you’re filling up your car. This increased stimulation has meant that people are now less encouraged to read an article to find something out. Consumers would rather have the information condensed into a shorter time and spelled out for them, through video content. This increased need for consumer stimulation, for the life of a marketer, changes the game completely.

Due to the advancements in social media, stimulating people through video content has become much easier, with video content consumption rising 100% every year. Video marketing has become an incredibly effective tool in our current context, with viewers said to retain approximately 95% of a message after watching a video.

Therefore, no marketing strategy would be complete without video content, especially within a social media campaign.

So Why Is Video Marketing So Powerful?

Many studies have proven that our natural human instincts respond best to visual movements. Thus, video content will subconsciously engage the mind more, resulting in better engagement and retention of information compared to reading static text. A 1-minute video is said to be worth approximately 1.8 million words, this statistic alone illustrates the real power of video content in any marketing strategy.

Video strategies done right have the potential to surge quality leads and drive immense amounts of traffic to your website. Currently, videos are generating 1200% more shares than both images and texts combined, placing video content as a vital necessity in maximizing user engagement.

Simple and Effective

Videos can be easily consumed and accessed by anyone, which is why more people can enjoy content whilst retaining the key messages or information. The pandemic spiraled the number of people watching online videos, this has had several impacts on the way people engage and customers from brands.

Whilst EDM’s, SEO and social media strategies can build powerful engagement for your business, video content is most definitely a key marketing activity to use for your business.

Boost Your Engagement Levels Off The Roof

Undoubtedly, investing in a video content strategy will have never-ending benefits for your brand engagement, awareness, and marketing ROIs. A content strategy will allow you to create persuasive and innovative videos to encourage purchase decisions from your target audience.

Videos are the perfect way to explain something to an audience or inform an audience of something technical in nature. Commonly, a reader can get lost between the words when a concept becomes complicated. In contrast, video uses visuals and sounds to stimulate more senses and allow for better absorption of information.

Although social media calendars and daily Instagram posts may gain engagement, 70% of marketers claim that videos produce the most conversions than any other medium.

Even short videos which are looped can attract much higher levels of engagement than their still photo counterpart. This idea is what leads to the development of the GIF, a looped visual with no audio aimed at attracting more attention

Central to your outreach

Video marketing is central to gaining further marketing exposure. Although most people think of videos as just another marketing strategy, we must understand that videos are the new ‘X Factor’ in the marketing world.

Instagram Reels, YouTube and TikTok are the new norm for sharing branded videos via social networks, with 92% of mobile video consumers sharing videos on the feeds. This high traffic network of video sharing presents a huge opportunity for marketers to develop brands and implement marketing strategies.

Through sharing targeted video content, customers could re-share or re-create your content to share with their following, which would increase traffic and higher leads to your site. As visually appealing video content has helped 90% of customers make buying decisions, there is no doubt that social video marketing will amplify your brand awareness to new and prospective consumers.

Enhance your Audience’s understanding

Loyal customers are the most valuable customers to a business, and videos make it a simple process to educate your customers and give them insights and updates on your brand.

Testimonials that incorporate your brand’s vision, goals, product/service benefits and values will prove invaluable in building and developing the credibility of your brand. It only takes a few steps to convert your video’s viewers to quality leads.

Thus, utilising this medium to help your customers understand products and services can leverage your services and create the top metrics and sales rates.

Enrich Your SEO With Videos

Enhancing your SEO is simple if you have quality videos uploaded to your websites. Did you know website landing pages with YouTube videos are 53% more likely to receive a first-page ranking from Google?

This is just another reason why you must start utilizing your video tools now and prioritizing video creation. In addition, optimizing your text in captions and titles will bring more people to click on your videos and website.

Don’t Think Twice Before Planning Your Video Marketing Strategy

Taking the time and care to develop your content strategy is critical to start off on the right foot. Creating authentic video content that appeals to your niche audience is essential to selling your brand’s identity and story.

Before you do anything initially, make sure you have outlined these essential steps:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What type of content is going to be produced?
  3. What is your overarching goal?
  4. Where will you distribute this content?
  5. Outline your creative plan

Video Marketing can easily produce the highest conversion rates with the best returns on your investment. With a few simple steps, you will be floating a boat with your competitors in no time.

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