How Businesses Become More Competitive

  • On : February 1, 2022

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When we started Robotic Marketer 5 years ago, the idea was to ensure that every company around the world had a marketing strategy in place. We did this to help  be more competitive in the market, and drive customer acquisition.

The uptake from the soft launch amongst family and friends (and a few multinationals) has been phenomenal. More than we had ever expected over that period of time. The reason being is that COVID was a curveball for marketers in general, and what worked pre-COVID may not be effective today. To change is to stay relevant and competitive in the market.

Across many industry sectors including manufacturing, technology, logistics, health services and professional services, companies were faced with a complete overhaul of marketing tactics. This was in part because they had no choice otherwise they may not be in business tomorrow.

Good Marketing Strategies

Robotic Marketer is paving the way for a new breed of small to medium sized business that realizes the importance of a good marketing strategy on business outcomes. Delivering an easy-to-use marketing strategy technology platform, Robotic Marketer is transforming the ability for SMB’s to get a leg-up on their competitors. It also gives them an ability to actively take customers from larger counterparts – purely on the back of good marketing and branding.

Companies that are burying their heads in the sand and not actively looking at better ways market their business will ultimately pay a price. We have seen more closures of businesses today than ever before. Visible experiences with brands and in particular retailers such as local cafes or restaurants have been hindered because of closings. .

This can be avoided by investing in a marketing strategy and understanding the changing business environment. Adapting, re-thinking and re-imagining what is possible from a business and marketing perspective is critical. It’s what has kept the best businesses thriving.