Is Artificial Intelligence creating a fake world

Is Artificial Intelligence creating a fake world?

  • On : May 16, 2019

Even though we’ve already argued many times about how AI is amazing and how it helps us daily, AI raises some awareness and fears amongst humans. Read more

Computers using artificial intelligence

Regulation Before Regret

  • On : March 7, 2019

In the fast-paced era of technology, artificial intelligence is evolving at an alarming rate. Robots are beginning to possess the ability to learn and read human expressions, along with the ability to have a complete conversation with people.Read more

Robot marketing strategies

Can a robot write your marketing strategies?

  • On : January 23, 2019

The answer is Yes. Robots can do everything these days. And I already know the name of this robot, it’s called Robotic Marketer!Read more

Robots vs Humans; who will run the future?

Robots vs Humans; who will run the future?

  • On : December 19, 2018

With the rapid expansion and ever-growing development of artificial intelligence and robots, the question on everybody’s mind is whether robots will take over in the future. Read more


How the Army is Using Artificial Intelligence

  • On : September 17, 2018
Zac O’Hehir

The future of militaries across the globe will have a heavy focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Militaries are heavily investing in robots because they believe they will play a key role in future defence force endeavours. Both the US and UK military are now utilising battlefield robots in combat exercises. These robots are working with soldiers to perform dangerous tasks such as clearing minefields and bridging tank trenches.

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Organisations, the Employee & the Consumer – The Impact of Technology on Change

  • On : March 19, 2018

From self-driving cars to robotic receptionists and factory workers, we’re amidst a full span robotic takeover of a variety of jobs and daily tasks.

How are organisations responding?

It’s those tech-savvy organisations with innovation at the forefront of their operations who are embracing the latest technology and taking action to ensure their employees are trained and developed to take a step into their new or modified roles.

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Robotics & AI – how are they changing the way businesses operate?

  • On : February 15, 2018

Losing jobs to technology is really nothing new if you think about it – even when humans haven’t been totally overrun they have learned to adapt to technology and machinery to become more efficient and accurate in what they do.

With continued advances in artificial intelligence, technology and robotics, businesses will need to stop and rethink their approach to getting the job done in the most competitive manner.

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