Construction Companies need effective marketing strategies

Most Effective Marketing Strategies for A Construction Company

  • On : May 6, 2022

Having a marketing strategy tailored to your specific industry is important. Every industry and business is different and provides a unique set of challenges and opportunities to marketers as they try and stand out from the crowd. Construction companies have many options on how to best market themselves, especially now that the internet and social media is so prevalent everywhere you go. Having a strong brand, developing an online presence, fully utilizing social media, and encouraging reviews and testimonials are some of the ways that you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

Brand Yourself

Having a well-developed and consistent brand allows your clients to recognize you at a glance. A brand can be used to communicate your businesses values and personality and set the customers’ expectations of what it is you can provide them. A quality brand will create an association with a quality product.

Using a consistent name, typeface, logo, and color scheme will bring an air of unity and make you more memorable in the mind of your clients. It also allows you to show off your company’s personality and control how you are perceived by the people that see you.

Your Website Speaks Volumes

Even though construction is an offline only industry, your online presence is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. You cannot deliver your product to customers online, but you can reach them there. Potential clients are going to do as much research as possible to make the most informed decision they can. In today’s digital age, a lot of this research is going to be done through Google.

Making a good impression through your online presence by having a well-designed and user-friendly website will go a long way to putting your business at the top of the list of options for people searching online. A website is also a great place to host a contact form, giving your potential customers an easy way to get in touch with any question they may have.

It is important to have proper search engine optimization to ensure that your clients see you at the top of the google search results when they are doing their research. If your site drowns in the sea of results, then you will never even be considered by a large number of potential customers. You can find out more about SEO and how powerful it can be here.

Social Media Matters

Just like why you need a website and an online presence, social media is a key tool in your marketing strategy.

Social media is a great way to create transparency and a sense of trust in your company. Different platforms allow you to show off different aspects of your business. Instagram is great for showing photos and short videos of your projects, both when they are being built and when they are complete. Facebook is another great platform for sharing photo and video content, but it also allows for better communication with potential clients and creating and converting leads.

Your social media accounts should share similar presentation and tone and should all provide a link directly to your website. Make sure that you don’t just post a link to your website and nothing else. Give people a reason to click it by providing a caption, along with an image or video. It may also be helpful to use a URL shortener so that the link will fit in character limited places like twitter posts or in a bio.

Reviews and Testimonials

The previous points have all acted to add trust and authenticity to your company, and nobody can do this better than your satisfied customers. Encouraging your clients to leave reviews or asking for testimonials in writing or video will provide potential customers assurance that they are making the right decision when they choose you.

Research suggest that somewhere around 10-20% of customers leave reviews online, so it’s important to encourage your clients to leave a positive review when you have completed their project as they are unlikely to do it on their own.

Testimonials are more personal than reviews and are hosted on your own website or social media pages. Where reviews are evaluations of a product posted to third party sites like Google reviews or Facebook, testimonials are statements praising not only the product, but the business that provided it as well. You have a lot more control over testimonials as you can ask customers that already have a good relationship with you to provide them as they are likely to provide a positive response.

Marketing provides a series of challenges for you to overcome. The key to good marketing is turning those challenges into opportunities and using them to make your business unique from your competitors. Every industry is unique in the obstacles it throws at you. Companies in the construction industry can create opportunities by developing a brand, having a robust online presence, effective use of social media platforms, and strong reviews and testimonials. There are many ways to effectively market your construction business, and these are a some of the best and easiest to implement right now.

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