How is AI reshaping marketing and sales

How is AI reshaping marketing and sales?

  • On : April 1, 2019

The analysis of large amounts of data is a very common practice in sales and marketing. All this can be achieved by an AI, which means considerable time-saving. We can take Robotic Marketer as an example; Robotic marketer combines Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, data scraping, data science and diverse range marketing strategies and workshops. RM is able to realize a marketing strategy of 40 pages in record time. Robotic Marketer marketing strategies are smarter, more intuitive, market research and data-based, with in-depth analysis of competitors and market. It is a real added value that AI brings, something that could change everything.

Indeed, AI has capacities that are comparative to human cognitive capacities such as perception, reasoning, learning, interaction with the environment and problem-solving. In addition to saving time; AI can also bring automation, forecasting and personalisation.

Automation allows machines to make decisions, or at least to assist humans with a decision. Forecasting is based on having a strong correlation with data, to anticipate and develop models for future scenarios. Personalisation refers to the capacity of AI to design and produce strategies to meet individual requirements. Benefits that will redefine marketing and sales industries towards faster, more accurate and efficient practices.

Reshaping marketing and sales also refers to changing the workforce or training. Indeed, to integrate AI into marketing and sales it requires experts to drive this complex technology. The solution could be to hire new staff or could be to train marketing and sales teams to understand enough about data analysis to translate problems into AI questions.

AI is also present in the sales industry much like marketing. ZIA is an example of an AI-powered sales assistant that suggests workflows, detects anomalies and much more. She’s a sales assistant to every CRM user. Through a series of dashboards, Zia can show how successful the sales activities have been, spots anomalies enabling to spot mistakes before it’s too late, updating when the clients should be contacted, instead of dealing with voicemails and unopened emails and automating the tasks one would ordinarily do, optimising the performance of all sales workers who have adopted the platform.

AI is taking over industry after industry and people who are adopting the technology are now witnessing the benefits of increased productivity. People and companies in the industry who have not adopted such artificial intelligence platforms will be left behind and will find themselves playing catch up with their competitors especially within the sales and marketing industry.