Here’s Why Digital Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

  • On : December 23, 2022

In 2023, digital marketing will continue to gain popularity and is becoming increasingly important for businesses. However, not every business owner is aware of how vital digital channels are for expanding business reach and connecting with their audiences.

Still, have doubts? Here are five reasons why digital marketing is essential for business success.

1. More affordable

Traditional marketing may have the boons of longevity, and credibility but they’re not as affordable as digital marketing. Digital advertising is the most cost-effective way to market your business, as it allows every organisation the chance of attracting audiences on the same platform.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, are excellent tools to build  customer relationships and they are completely free to join. If you already own a website, putting content on the website only costs you time. By switching to digital you can save on costs and gain the right traction online.

2. Measurable results

When it comes to digital advertising, data and results are easily recorded. With Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, business owners can track customer engagement and interaction rates, reach percentage and sales numbers. Additionally, online advertising also allows business users to easily target audiences by providing detailed analysis of their behaviours, age, locations, interests, hobbies and personality traits.

Unlike traditional methods, digital channels allow you to monitor the number of people landing on the page and especially how many converted to buyers. With paid advertising, you can also use A/B tests to identify the most converting ad placements, contents or designs.

3. Customer engagement

In order to capture the customer’s attention, content is what distinguishes one business from the other. Without good content, there is nothing to get you connected with your customers. In an increasingly competitive market, great content now are about the customer rather than the marketing or the company

Business owners can easily engage and interact with audiences daily to make sure their brands are not forgotten. Besides, social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok are updating regularly with new functions every day. This is to bring out the best user experiences – so why don’t we take advantage of that?

4. Accurate targeting

Digital advertising allows business owners to deliver the right message at the right time in the right place with the right tools. Programmatic advertising has become an effective tool for marketers, with pricing efficiency and uses customer data to more precisely target individuals.

To maximise the results of paid advertising, business owners must understand not only who you’re targeting but also the setting that they’re in. As well as the relationship they are having with the brand.

5. Everything is becoming digital

With technology taking over our lives, 90% of the business owners say they need technical skills to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Not to mention there are a lot of changes in the business landscape since the global pandemic is shaping customer behaviours in many ways.

As we step into the new year, it is essential for us to understand the value of digital marketing and adapt our marketing tactics to cater to a digital audience.

By Vedika Nair