The Renaissance Platform of Technology Strategy: Robotic Marketer

The Renaissance Platform of Technology Strategy: Robotic Marketer

  • On : October 22, 2019

The opportunities and outcomes afforded by technology strategies are innumerable. Let’s take a brief exploration of the technologies impacting business today. Robotic Marketer is a renaissance platform within technology strategies and combines multiple properties to refine your business model and give your company a desired competitive edge.

Most frequently, a technology strategy is defined as, “Technology strategy is the overall plan which consists of objectives, principles and tactics relating to the use of technologies within a particular organization.”

Specifically, in marketing, we use a diverse range of technologies. Just to name a few—Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Calendly. Already, these technologies are more common than we realize. They are as simple as a calendar and may be as complex as a database, yet all of them improve the efficiency, fluidity and organization within our business.

These technologies can increase fluidity within our workspace. However, their lack of use can be detrimental if we want to truly stay ahead of competitors in the same arena. Robotic Marketer has created a dynamic AI-based software that combines the use of multiple technology strategies. Our Robotic Assistant uses machine automation, data analysis and helps your team collaborate effectively. Where some strategy technologies help your team optimize one skill, Robotic Marketer optimizes multiple–making it a renaissance-man of technology strategies.

“However, their lack of use can be detrimental if we want to truly stay ahead of competitors in the same arena.”

To better understand the infrastructure and foundation that our Robotic tool could provide for your company, let’s take a look at some individual avenues of technology strategy and survey the software that boasts capabilities in these areas.

Machine Automation

Machine Automation is the “automation of physical tasks.” It aims to reduce hours, manpower and resources used to complete tasks when they could be eliminated by the use of a machine.

Online–in chat rooms, forums and sales pages–chatbots are being utilized to create personalized customer interaction and fill in where manpower is low. Some customers even prefer chatbots, compared to live sales, HR or other representatives because there is less pressure in talking to automated software. Call Centers, that would traditionally house hundreds of employees, are also seeing an increase in automation.

They are cutting back and saving thousands of dollars where they paid employees to only work part-time. The use of voice recognition and interactive voice responses are creating a highly automated approach to customer service, that as it improves is highly personalized. Similarly, Robotic Marketer is automating the entirely the process of planning and creating a marketing strategy.

Data analysis

Data is modern currency–data decides how a company grows and how it adapts to market opportunities. Google Analytics and Alexa (we mention them often in our blogs) are two key strategy technologies that help you take count of key metrics within the spectrum of data offered online. Measuring insights through SEO and other key phrases online, this software helps your business improve its organic search rates in the browser. Robotic Marketer’s machine-learning platform comparatively scours the internet in search of information that will improve your business and help your company apply standards to improve online searchability.

Collaboration Tools

Teams can make or break the success of a business. And collaboration can make a break a team. Software and services like Asana, Trello, Google Calendar provide means to more strategically collaborate with your team and influence the infrastructure of how projects are completed. Robotic Marketer also has the infrastructure behind your company in mind. Our AI-bases software seeks to improve the foundation on which your team operates by outputting a year-long marketing calendar. This calendar will provide your team with a structured approach to yearly tasks and free up time that would be spent on planning for other avenues.

Robotic Marketer is a renaissance-man of modern technology strategy platforms. Dynamically, it wraps machine automation, collaboration and data analysis into one medium, making other technologies in the avenue of marketing seem outdated. Isn’t it about time you found your robotic assistant?