The Importance Of Keywords To Your Digital Marketing

The Importance Of Keywords To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • On : December 9, 2020

When people look for products or services online, the first thing they do is a keyword search.  The key to the success of a digital marketing strategy is by utilizing keywords and understanding your niche in the market.

Keywords act as a catalyst between the user and the business. They connect the problem of the user to the right solution offered by the business. Leveraging this concept allows marketers to get better results with search engine optimization. For example: when running a Christmas tree campaign, keywords that users may search for include ‘Christmas tree near me’, ‘Christmas tree sellers’, ‘Cheap Christmas trees’.

In a time where everyone is trying to be different and be the first one to catch the customer’s eye, keywords help in driving successful lead generation.

The Art Of Setting Keywords

Customers are very specific in the way they search, which means you need to be the same when deciding on keywords to include. These keywords are very common terms that we speak or use.

Keywords can be classified as short Tail and long-tail keywords. More than 50% of search queries feature long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific in nature and give out details of the products or the services that businesses offer whereas short-tail can be an overview of the products or services.


Long Tail Keyword: Best Vegan pizza dough recipe

Short Tail – Pizza Recipe

9 out of 10 customers use a search engine to look for information. Keywords help link customers to relevant websites that can best solve their problems. These types of keywords typically don’t have a lot of searches but the user is having a specific problem that he/she needs to solve. The idea behind this is to target as many relevant long-tail keywords as you can.

The effectiveness of keywords in digital marketing has helped businesses to sell their products and services online. When people search for keywords they usually don’t go beyond the first page to look for solutions. So, your site’s content must use those keywords. If you are unsure on how to optimize your keywords strategy, marketing consultants can help.

How can you optimize keywords?

Having the right keywords won’t finish the job. Keywords are a very important process in matching your website content to what your target audiences are looking for. While you will still attract traffic to your website with incorrect keywords, this may affect your bounce rate in the long-term.

Keyword strategy is a job in itself. Marketers should use keywords that a large number of people search online for but have a relatively low number of competitors.

To begin, research for keywords and prepare an excel sheet to best organize your strategy.

Keyword research can be done with the use of certain tools that lets you recognize the best keywords based on their volume and difficulty. Ranking through correct keywords can improve your website traffic and overall performance and that’s why marketers spend so much time getting keywords right.

What are my options for free keyword applications?

  1. Google AdWords
  2. SEMRush
  3. Moz
  4. Ahrefs

You can sign up for a free subscription for a short period of time however it’s more efficient to consult experts to leverage your keyword strategy.

Why focusing on your audience in keyword strategy is important?

Keyword research is entirely based on understanding your customer and then trying to match the content with keywords.

By focusing on your target audience and keywords insights you can increase the success rate of the campaign. Once you find the right keywords based on your target audience, you can use search volume to prioritize certain keywords which will give a strategic advantage over competitors.

Why understanding your competitors in keyword strategy is important?

The best way to leverage your keywords is to always keep an eye on your competitors as it allows you to gain a different perspective in a similar industry.

By prioritizing this strategy, it allows you to bid high rankings on the keywords that your competitors do not use. This can set up a keyword competition which can result in high performance on the search engine.

By now, we have understood that a keyword is a word that usually describes the page or the content. It allows the user to know what the page is about. Now imagine the keywords match the search result but the content doesn’t provide clarity. In that case, Google will penalize the business as the content is just using keywords to gain traffic but it doesn’t help the user.

Search engine robots are very smart and look at the quality of the content on the page which also includes the words used. If a webpage doesn’t have proper keywords, search engines won’t treat it as a reliable source. Also, if the webpages are just about the keywords and do not have good content then it will still be considered an unreliable source. Not using appropriate keywords can mislead people and can turn into a negative brand image.

Finally, keywords matter because:

It provides the marketer with clues on who those people are and what they are looking for to meet their needs.