Building Human Connections In A Digital Age

The Importance Of Building Human Connections In A Digital Age

  • On : March 10, 2022

In a world filled with algorithms, hashtags, social media and the digital hype, the importance of human connections is often lost. Especially in the two years that we’ve been confined to our homes, owing to the global pandemic, digital experiences have taken over human ones. Today, as the situation eases, the growth of digital media continues to increase, masking over the importance of human connections in a digital realm. Brands might channel their focus on building momentum with clients online, but in the long run this routine might cost them ROI’s, because at the end of the day, human connections embody more value.

Before we delve deep in understanding how brands can build long lasting human connections with their clients through experiences, a comprehension of what human connections mean is crucial.

What Is A Human Connection?

It is a known fact that human’s use mainly five senses for their day to day. These five senses are absolutely pivotal. However, a sixth sense exists. It is the need of a human to connect with others, like-minded or different individuals, in order to grow. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs also states a human’s needs for love and belonging as important over materialism.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that humans are tired of looking at their screens and are excited about in-person experiences again. As a brand, trying to connect with their customer, it is crucial to build human connections with them as much as a digital connection.

Now, the question arises: How can marketers create human connections and capitalize on them?

We often forget that digital boom isn’t all about growing technology. It is also about creating connections online through portals like social media. However, the increasing strain on creating digital relationships has severed the growth of human connections between brands and clients.

If a brand’s strategy to stay in touch with their client becomes monotonous, the client will not feel valued. In order to create human connections, it is important to understand how the customer feels, thinks and reacts to a brand’s ideology. An insight into the customer’s needs can also help in building momentum.

As humans, something we all share in common is emotion. Psychologists say that a huge majority of our decisions are ruled by emotions. Understanding this fact, neuromarketers claim that people tend to purchase products based on how they feel about it, more than how much they actually need it. Capitalizing on this, brands can forge a human connection with their clients. A Deloitte digital survey found that brands that focus on human experiences outperform their competitors and ensure faster revenue growth.

How Can Brands Build Momentum?

A great way for brands to start the process of connection is Experiential Marketing. This authentic approach allows a company and its audience to bond in person and create an experience around the product or ideology the brand wishes to promote. Along with digital opportunities, giving people the chance to connect in person allows for engagement and interest, almost always converting a prospect to a customer.

New technology means newer ways to impress your target audience. Brands often limit technology to digital practices, losing out on the chance to create human experiences. The inception of technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality, now allow brands to receive an in-depth understanding of a customer’s perceptions. Brands can plan strategies that will create a long lasting relationship, ensuring positive human connection and optimising profits.

Another way to attract customers is by sharing similar values. A person is more likely to purchase your product if it matches their value and ideology. Brands should relate to the needs of customers in today’s climate and ask themselves: How can we create a connection with this individual? How can our product bring a change in their life?

Additionally, once a brand understands how to create memorable human experiences for their customers, execution of this strategy matters. Executing with humanity and understanding the need of the hour helps build momentum. Lastly, offering authentic experiences creates long lasting relationships. Humans prefer real over fake and will stick to ideas that offer value and are authentic.

ROIs are higher when the customer’s experience with a brand is rich. When a customer is happy, the spend on your marketing campaign also yields better results, offering you profits long term.

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