Robotic Marketer: AI in Marketing

Power of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

  • On : February 7, 2024

Businesses use innovative technologies to be competitive in the constantly changing digital world of today. With the use of algorithms and data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing marketing by improving decision-making and delivering tailored experiences. Customer ...

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Digital vs Traditional Marketing

How Traditional Marketing Can Still Be Used in The Digital Era

  • On : July 1, 2022

As the digital age has revolutionized the way we interact with each other, marketing has evolved to meet the changing demands of consumers. This evolution came in the form of digital marketing. Digital marketing is any marketing that is done online, whereas traditional marketing uses channels ...

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Mobile phones with Advertising campaign

8 Digital Media and Advertising Predictions for 2022 – Part2

  • On : June 17, 2022

We are all looking for the next big thing, as we’ve seen a digital reform throughout all industries and how vital it is to have a presence in the digital space. It is easier said than done however, as much as we were collectively blindsided by the pandemic, we were also unprepared for the ...

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