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How to fast track to marketing management

  • On : February 3, 2022
I’ve always known that I have wanted to be a marketing manager. When I started out my career in the early 90’s, I wanted to achieve this by the time I was 30 years old. That was my expectation and the goal I set for myself.

There are many ways a marketer climbs the corporate ladder fast, but for those whose family don’t own the business, are not as connected as they could be, or simply have not done a good job of showing worth, there is hope.

Marketing occupations have evolved significantly. For example, there was no such thing as a CMO when I started, and someone from a marketing role would never make it to the C-suite. Today, not only is the role of CMO something that everyone in marketing strives for, but a c-suite position is now feasible, and in most large businesses, someone with a marketing degree is in senior management or on a board level. If you are starting off your career in marketing, there are a few insights that may help you fast track your path based on the hundreds of marketers that I have worked with over the past three decades. Read more

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Why having a marketing robot as a colleague is super cool

  • On : August 10, 2017

When talking to my incredible team of people working at Marketing Eye, the sister company that has helped Robotic Marketer by providing invaluable voice recorded workshops and marketing strategies, they are so excited about what we are doing.

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