Why Your Marketing Campaign Will Fail Without Videos

  • On : October 25, 2021

Have you realized that there has been a shift from photo to video marketing for the past few years? One of the biggest challenges brands face when marketing their brand awareness is producing quality and shareable content. The internet is now a noisy place, and to make your brand stand out, and you need to have captivating and exciting content. So how do you do that? The secret is creating short, bold, memorable, and educational videos. As they say, a video is worth a thousand pictures!

Marketers are starting to realize they can elevate their marketing strategy and campaigns by incorporating more video-based content. Especially with the rising popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, marketers realize that photos are not cutting it anymore and that videos are what’s grabbing their audience’s attention. This does not mean that images are not valuable because they are; videos can be slightly more effective at engaging an audience.

It takes time to build your platform, build your followings and build your customer’s trust. There is no such thing as an overnight success as it takes time. Your brand will gradually build when you put in the effort is needs to be known. 

Here’s why video content marketing is critical to a successful marketing campaign.

Videos Attract Your Desired Audience

When it comes to driving awareness and engaging with your target audience, video marketing is an effective marketing tactic on social media. Creating video content will attract valuable attention from existing and potential customers. Video content can spread brand awareness and build your business’s community by forming a connection between your organization and its target audience. Videos can include the benefits of your campaign, what you want to inform and educate the audience, and the core purpose of your marketing campaign.

Videos Build Trust & Loyalty

Building trust is vital for the success of any business. When you humanize your brand, your customers can see your brand as a reliable option and perceive the people behind it as trustworthy. The more trust you and your product or service have, the greater chance of your customers sharing positive word of mouth reviews, sharing your story, and ultimately increasing brand awareness. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool so ensure you focus on your customers and show them how your product/service can add value. 

When creating a short video for your marketing campaign, think about building your brand’s story and developing ways to connect with customers. For example, your video might include showing behind-the-scenes snippets, how-to demonstrations, or educational videos about facts or customer results. Think outside the box and be different from your competitors to give your audience a reason to choose you and make your business better.

Connect with Followers on a Personal Level

The key to client engagement is not attempting to sell something but by telling a story. Being helpful, adding value, and being an educational resource has become more critical with videos. 

By using video marketing for a campaign, you can humanize your brand by showing behind the scene content. This makes your customers feel as though your brand is relatable, authentic, and trustworthy. In time this will help build a stronger connection between yourself, the consumer, and your brand. 

Videos Drive Engagement

Staying ahead of the competition in a highly saturated market is not easy, especially when many small businesses have been popping up during the pandemic. Even with paid ads across various social media platforms, businesses of all sizes struggle to stand out from the crowd. 

That is why producing an educational video that communicates your brand and adds value gives consumers a reason to share it with their friends, families, and even co-workers. 

Since Tiktok and Instagram Reels are booming, creating short, effect and engaging content is what you should be doing to deliver a successful marketing campaign. Start a trend, make your brand known and stand out from the crowd by communicating and demonstrating your brand personality and unique marketing campaign to your target market.

Videos are Easy to Understand

Some customers find videos a lot easier to understand as they would rather have an educational video over reading a long paragraph that will eventually make them lose interest. Videos and animations are more beneficial as they can explain more complex processes and concepts that texts and images can’t. Through videos, you can portray essential details and information in a few seconds, which is why video marketing is impactful and powerful for campaigns.

So, where and how do you start creating engaging video content? Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:

– How will you effectively engage your audience with your mission and vision?

– Who is your target audience?

– Do you have a specific niche?

– What will make your brand stand out?

– How will you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

– How can this video promote your marketing campaign?

– Can you increase your brand awareness and brand personality?

Additionally, create a mind map and list down all your ideas. 

Video marketing is a versatile way to produce content that is easily shared across multiple social media channels. Consumers enjoy watching videos because they are not only entertaining and engaging but easier to digest. As Instagram Reels and Tiktok are the latest trending platforms, it is time to start thinking about these new ways to create exciting, captivating, and valuable content for your consumers for your marketing campaigns.

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If Your Brand Lacks Identity, Your Team Lacks Purpose

  • On : October 19, 2021

It is an organization’s purpose and identity to serve as both a foundation for growth and a mirror to reflect its presence in the world. It expresses why a company exists, what problems there are to answer, and who it aspires to be to each person it encounters, which is essential when 64% of consumers say shared values with a brand is the main reason they maintain a relationship with the company.

When your company starts to wander too far from its primary mission, having a solid brand strategy in place helps you recognize it and focus on your brand promise. A comprehensive marketing strategy can keep you from making decisions that jeopardize your clients’ trust by mismanaging their expectations or breaching commitments. As your company grows, it’s critical to ensure that your entire staff is on board with your brand strategy and to guarantee it’s maintained and delivers to stakeholder expectations.

If your brand lacks identity, here’s why your team lacks purpose.

Typical Brand Identity Issues

A company suffering from a brand identity crisis can easily lead to low brand management, lack of efficient leadership, and poor communication. Being unable to interrelate a brand’s image with the team culture and expectations creates internal confusion within the team. Suppose staff and managers cannot understand what their company does, the target market and desired audience, their purpose, and how staff contribution fits the brand, then how can your team effectively sell your product/service offerings?

Consumers respect transparency when it comes to companies’ services, products, values, and goals. Providing your customers and stakeholders with inconsistent and inaccurate information about the brand is an easy way to kill your marketing efforts.

Customers and stakeholders also expect brands to understand their needs and help them find new products/services suited for their needs, with 48% of Americans holding these expectations. This means staff is required to produce performance and outcomes that align with the brand’s identity.

When a brand lacks identity, it creates issues when communicating to consumers and can spark inconsistencies in management. Management that is relatively ineffective in navigating their company through the complexities of determining its brand identity, poses a severe threat to its long-term viability. In most cases, the result is wrong positioning and alienation of potential leads and existing clients.

Company Culture

Future-proofing your business from failures and producing an organization that operates with integrity and authenticity forms the basis of your company culture and brand identity. Your brand promise and brand personality and characteristics are woven together to represent your company and its place in the market. However, if your company has a mismatched culture and brand, even productive staff members can be creating undesired results and have the wrong perspective on the company.

When thinking and acting in distinctive ways internally, you’ll be able to project the unique identity and brand image you want to communicate. Staff should be allowed to interpret and reinforce brand value when managing clients.

Aligned Brand Identity with Team Culture

When a company’s culture and brand aren’t interdependent, it’s often due to a disconnect between the team perspectives and customer expectations. The lack of awareness and engagement with your brand among staff is another sign of a mismatch between the culture and brand. Your staff should be aware of what distinguishes and differentiates your brand from competitors. Staff should know who the company’s target market is and what their significant demands and needs are (which should be outlined in your marketing strategy).

If your team doesn’t have direct client interaction, you can utilize the brand’s mission and values as decision-making filters and train them to deliver a positive customer experience. If staff believe they have no involvement in enforcing the brand and its positioning, it means your culture lacks brand identity and integrity.

How to improve your brand identity?

Distinct Identity

Start off by reviewing your company’s purpose as this is the crucial aspect that combines an external brand and internal culture together. An essential step for developing both a strong culture and brand.

Understanding Your Message

To explain brand identification and attract qualified leads, accurate messaging can be developed and incorporated into all marketing collateral. Prospects, leads, and customers should be able to quickly learn what your organization can accomplish by visiting your website and social media platforms.


Another step you can take is to ensure a clear understanding between staff and managers of what the brand identity is and how it is incorporated at work and in consumer relations. Providing your staff with consistency in these areas is a vital short-term and long-term factor that will help consumers, employees, managers, and stakeholders clearly understand the brand and its identity.

A company’s brand identity communicates the message it wants to send to the public about itself. With a competitive market across many business sectors, it’s critical to have a strong brand identity and communicate this in key messages effectively to stakeholders. A business’s brand identity is unique and tells a story about what the company stands for, its mission, and its products/services. When your brand and culture are aligned and integrated, you can improve operational efficiency, precision, quality, boost your capacity, increase brand awareness and marketing and generate new business leads.

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