Not-for-profit marketing budget

How not-for-profits are spending their marketing budget

  • On : October 24, 2022

Are you a not-for-profit organization looking for ways to grow but feeling limited due to a small budget? You’re not alone.

Marketing can be overwhelming for any business operating in any industry. It is vital to pre-plan marketing initiatives and ensure you have the right resources behind them. Not-for-profit organizations are challenged to do more with fewer resources. While your organization might not operate for profit, it can still gain value through funds, traffic, and awareness that stems from marketing activities.

Non-profit groups often want to project many resources into initiatives that create awareness but are unsure how to do so with such a small budget. The awareness that marketing can provide is unmatched. All non-profit organizations should ensure an adequate marketing budget, working towards growth, sustainability, and mission achievement.

How much should non-profits spend on marketing?

Generally speaking, it is recommended that non-profits spend 5-15% of their total budget on marketing activities. While this figure may be daunting for some, the plethora of benefits it provides to organizations makes it all worthwhile.

Typically, the more people know about your organization, the more they will likely get involved by donating or volunteering. By developing a solid strategy and following a reasonable budget, non-profits can achieve maximum results, and here’s how other non-profits are doing it.


For non-profit organizations, creating awareness for the organization is the key to success. Through social media, businesses can boost brand awareness and recognition surrounding their organization and encourage people to donate. Social media dominates many marketing areas, and for non-profits, this can be a cost-effective way to encourage people to contribute to your organization. Non-profits can consider running ads on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, expanding their reach and encouraging people to make a difference at a small price. Overall, social media marketing for non-profits works to create awareness, build a community, make an impact, and motivate action from donors.


Google grant is an effective way for not-for-profit organizations to market their business. Businesses that qualify have access to $10,000 per month in search ads. Using google grants can be an effective way for non-profits to connect more donors and the community to their business while raising awareness. Non-profits aim to keep their marketing budget lean, and the google grants program allows companies to do this, allowing them to promote their mission.


For not-for-profit businesses, fundraising events are a clever way to attract attention to your organization and encourage the community to donate. Marketing and fundraising go hand in hand; therefore, non-profits should ensure they allocate a percentage of their marketing budget towards hosting events that the community can join. Holding fundraising events ultimately boost both awareness and donations, and hosting an in-person event can allow non-profits to build a real community loyal to supporting your cause.


For non-profits, email marketing is a highly effective way to reach potential donors directly and spread your organization’s message. It aids in the task of creating a donor base, as well as maintaining loyal communities. Email marketing offers organizations a cost-effective way to not reach more recipients in less time but provides an opportunity to communicate appreciation and gratitude to donors. Non-profits generally have limited resources, and email marketing gives them a simple way to open and maintain relationships with their existing and potential supporters.


Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to notify communities about your non-profit organization and its mission. In addition, sharing stories can allow potential donors to listen and believe the people behind your organization, prompting them to donate their time or money towards your mission. Whether speaking at an event of 50 people or at a large conference in front of thousands, this is an effective way to market your organization and create awareness at a low cost.


Blogging is a precious marketing asset to any non-profit. Teams are often made of volunteers who are short-staffed and have low budgets. Blogs can be used to educate audiences about your mission, cause, and any news within your industry. This allows fresh donors and provides an opportunity for non-profits to maintain a relationship with their existing donors.


Making connections with businesses is a unique way to market your non-profit. Finding a company that aligns with your organization’s core values and culture allows you to reach a new group of potential donors. Partnerships are generally formed to pool resources and expertise and expand your reach. Working collaboratively with other businesses adds value to your organization and can be a cost-effective way to market your organization and increase donations.

Most not-for-profit organizations lack resources, including time, money, and staff. While your business may not operate for profit, ensuring you have a well-established marketing budget is vital to ensure awareness surrounding your organization, prompting people to donate. If people aren’t aware of your non-profit or its purpose that it serves for, they won’t donate. Marketing for any business is considered an investment; for not-for-profit companies, this is no different.

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