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AI and Machine Learning can only help Human development and learning.

  • On : March 15, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, AI is not harmful to humans, but rather useful, this technology could even help humans develop their way of learning as well as develop themselves. It seems paradoxical, a science dedicated to learning from how we humans operate, it may actually return the favour by teaching us about ourselves, if it’s true!

The act of learning consists of acquiring new reinforcing existing knowledge, behaviours, skills or values. Whether it is human or artificial intelligence, we both need knowledge before embarking on a task. Like humans, AI has the ability to learn from past experiences through machine learning.

Computers are fast, accurate but stupid and humans are slow, inaccurate but brilliant. By combining its qualities, our association with AI can be more than revolutionary. We can already teach and program artificial intelligence, but what can we learn from this technology?

First of all, AI could allow us to get to know ourselves better. Indeed, the human brain is an amazingly powerful biological machine but hard to understand for us humans even with the most powerful tools and skilled neuroscientists. Thanks to AI we could have a more accurate idea of our capabilities.

Furthermore, the accuracy of artificial intelligence comes from its ability to focus on relevant data only, while humans focus on details that only make it slower and also less accurate. Here it is a new ability that we can learn from AI.

One of the recurring human errors is to take a general idea for the absolute truth. For example, when we have to solve a problem and we know a solution is successful we do not think any further. On the other hand, AI analyses each possible scenario and each different solution to choose the most appropriate one, even if it is not the most well-known.

Artificial intelligence still frightens many people, but in addition to making our lives easier, we could learn to learn through it. Not to mention that this new technology, which still seems maybe too futuristic to you, is already changing the way we live and could disrupt the economy in the near future.