5 Email Marketing Practices That Don’t Work

5 Email Marketing Practices That Don’t Work

  • On : March 25, 2020

Source: Marketing Eye Atlanta

Everyone in the professional world has email. For many companies, it’s their primary avenue of communication. Marketers have been using email marketing campaigns for years, pushing products, events, and anything else they want their audience to engage with. If the majority of people are checking their email every day (most are checking multiple times a day), why aren’t your campaigns working? While it might seem that email marketing as a whole just doesn’t work, but it might just be that your processes are out of date. Engaging with your audience is like a game of chess: it requires a lot of strategy and planning, as well as the flexibility to adapt your approach when things don’t work. Below, we have 5 email marketing practices that don’t work anymore.

  1. Weak subject lines

As much as you hear the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” we all know that there are some books we just choose not to pick up based on the cover. The same happens with email subject lines. This is the first impression that your audience is going to have of what you’re trying to push, and if they don’t feel a connection to what your selling, they won’t even open the email. Your subject line should make the reader want to click and open the email! If they aren’t driven to engage with what you sent them, reevaluate the subject lines of your emails.

  1. Ignoring GDPR standards

The General Data Protection Regulations are in place to protect the data of consumers, letting them know that their data is being used by the brands they trust. This is great news for marketers because it means that your audience is in place to receive specific messaging from your brand. Your customers opt-in to your emails because they are interested in your brand, so you need email marketing software that is GDPR compliant.

  1. Not optimizing for mobile platforms

If you are sending emails that aren’t mobile-friendly, you are blatantly throwing away a huge percentage of your audience. Email templates need to be designed and optimized for mobile users because the majority of people checking their emails are doing so on their mobile devices. Mobile-friendly email templates are a huge part of the design of email marketing campaigns, and it will greatly hurt your efforts if you are ignoring this part of your audience.

  1. Weak email design

Aside from mobile optimization, poor email design, in general, is going to hurt your campaigns. Integrating design elements into your email campaigns can add a visual flourish that is specific to your branding. The days of emails with long paragraphs, the same white background, and an uninviting CTA are over. It’s time to throw in some splashes of color, bright pictures, and engaging copy that will leave the audience wanting more.

  1. Not learning from the metrics

Metrics are the key to future success in an email marketing campaign. Data is gathered from past email marketing performances, giving your team insight into what worked and what didn’t. If marketers aren’t learning from the available metrics, they will be repeating the same mistakes as before. Metrics are meant to teach, and marketers need to be willing to learn.

Source: Marketing Eye Atlanta