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4 Useful Strategies To Nurture Leads

  • On : June 15, 2020

Source: Marketing Eye Australia

Are you having trouble converting your leads? It might be because you don’t have a lead nurturing process in place. Establishing strong lead nurturing tactics is crucial to growing your business. Without these processes, there is nothing to impact or influence the customer’s decision to make a purchase. To truly nurture leads, you need to provide relevant information at multiple points throughout the beginning of their relationship with your business. Below, we have 4 tactics to effectively nurture your leads.

  1. Leverage targeted content

Your approach to nurturing leads will change depending on what the situation calls for. There is never going to be a one size fits all approach, because no two leads are alike. While your content will likely be interesting to multiple leads at a time, don’t assume that everyone is looking for the same information. Using targeted, specific content to nurture leads will significantly improve your conversion results. Once you understand each unique buyer persona, your team can begin to create content that speaks directly to their journey.

  1. Focus on multiple touches

Your prospects should receive multiple touches throughout their customer journey. The most successful lead nurturing strategies deliver content that helps prospects progress to the next step in their customer journey by providing relevant information and answering questions along the way. The best touches use a blend of social media, blogs, white papers, or an email campaign. Your prospects should be able to ask any of the questions they need answers to.

  1. Follow up with leads

Setting up an automated system for lead nurturing is a great way to cast a wide net for large groups of prospects, but there is nothing better than following up with interested leads in a timely, well-planned manner. Whether they have reached out to your company for more information, or they’ve just visited your website and clicked on a specific link, there are few approaches more effective than just following up with interested prospects. Timing is everything, and if you wait too long to reach out to them, you could completely miss your window of opportunity.

  1. Send personalized emails

Personalizing emails for prospects adds the perfect touch to increase engagement with your audience. The important thing about personalization is that it goes much further than just including the prospect’s name; most personalized email campaigns are targeted towards customers that have performed a specific action like clicking a link or downloading a whitepaper. It’s all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time, creating a greater opportunity for conversion later.

How Marketing Eye Can Help

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Source: Marketing Eye Australia