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Does AI have the potential to destroy or improve society?

  • On : March 28, 2019

Years ago, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking saw the potential in AI and is the potential ability to “transform or destroy” society. This technology called Artificial intelligence still sounded surreal. Now, we know for sure that this technology is the future, we can make it be, but we need to ask the question “Should we”? We are already sure that AI has the potential to be revolutionary!

The concerns of more than half of the population are caused by the unknown, the lack of knowledge of this technology which seems too futuristic. Indeed, in the United States, for example, 72% of Americans believe that AI will take over the world.

People want answers to these questions before they are willing to trust such technology! Among others, raising concerns about the potential detrimental effects of AI on the job market. But we know that AI will create more jobs than destroy them! We must ensure that we keep control of this technology that evolves very quickly and even has the great ability to learn. In fact, last June, Facebook reportedly had to abandon its AI project because the chatbot conversations “led to divergence from human language as the robots developed their own language”, a researcher leaked this to The Telegraph. Thanks to permanent control and a great vigilance those issues can be contained!

We have to think about all benefits AI can bring to society! AI definitely has aspects to it which can improve our daily life, ranging from driverless cars to personal and military robots. AI can also become a really good helping hand in daily chores. AI is designed to collaborate with people and improve our lifestyle. Things like healthcare, education, poverty and security, are sometimes difficult for humans to manage with the support of AI and its complementary capacities to ours, we can radically improve our impacts on those domains.

Already very advanced and ready to change our lives, the technology of artificial intelligence is not well enough known! Ignorance brings worry. Being under control the AI can definitely improve our way of life. Robotic Marketer, for example, has the ability to simplify the lives of many marketers, it’s a fact! A life made simple by technology is, therefore, a good life!