How to Re-invest Marketing Funds When Events are Not an Option

Source: Oracle PartnerNetwork Blog

What happens when your marketing strategy gets turned upside down, events are canceled, product roll-outs delayed and traditional marketing methods are no longer effective?

The trajectory of your company has changed and as the next three to six months brings dramatic transformation in the way we do business; special attention needs to be paid to how your brand and marketing tactics adapt to the new environment.

Businesses need to be proactive with a plan to adjust and adapt how they market themselves and generate leads, communicate with their customers, and create brand awareness – all while adjusting their value proposition to ensure that it is relevant moving forward.

For many technology companies, big industry-based trade shows and conferences are key to lead generation, with more than 70% of their sales deriving from event-based marketing.

As the quantum leap from event-based marketing to primarily digital marketing takes center stage, this shift has to be reflected in the overall marketing strategy and reallocation of marketing budget.

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Source: Oracle PartnerNetwork Blog