Ai revolution

5 industries soon to be completely revolutionized by artificial intelligence.

  • On : February 1, 2019

In a few years, each industry will be able to benefit from this new tool that everyone is hearing more and more about called Artificial Intelligence. Whether in the field of healthcare or fashion, AI can improve and simplify an uncountable number of parameters. Here are 5  industries that are starting to completely change in a positive direction.


Cybersecurity is an area where fraud and intrusion are very common. Thanks to  AI it would be possible to solve these problems but also to anticipate them. Without this help, it is impossible to clearly identify where the breach is but with AI it would now be possible to find out what data was affected during the intrusion. In addition, the machine learning ability will allow AI to learn from each of the frauds and thus improve its responses over time.


What AI could improve in retail sales would be targeting. Indeed, to target customers as close as possible, a large amount of data is required, often unmanageable for humans to process. AI could revolutionize this industry by processing this data and allowing more targeted campaigns. With this, consumers would save time and businesses could become more profitable. AI has already entered the retail world, but it needs to make its place.


Very soon when you go to the hospital you will no longer just entrust your life to a doctor but also to a robot of some form. And yes, it’s definitely an intrusion! AI could allow the physician to focus on the care part and therefore delegate the diagnostic part to the technology to do a more thorough job.

Legal industry

Artificial intelligence technology could also appear in the legal world. Thus, in the current legal system, it often takes months to resolve a case because the procedures are long and complicated. But with AI, research and file preparation before going to court could be faster and more accurate. The AI’s data collection capacity could help to find evidence that has escaped the human eye in a fraction of the time.


In the world of the banking, there is a lot of accounts and credit cards which can be hard for a human to manage all of this but AIs algorithms can fix it! To make an artificial intelligence work, the only ingredient needed is data. These algorithms can monitor transactions and treat information quickly and inform users to suspicious activity. This is already present in many financial institutions but in a short time this will be operating with no human intervention at all, transactions will be faster and carried out in real time in an automated and secure way.

The presence of AI in our daily lives has only just begun, this technology is creating a decisive place for itself in many different industries. Artificial intelligence can save us time and precision, wouldn’t that be what we want most?