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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 26 February, 2020: Melbourne-based AI and machine learning technology company, Robotic Marketer has launched the first of a series of supplier-based partnership with global technology companies to provide marketing strategies and workshops for channel partnership programs.

Robotic Marketer is a marketing strategy technology platform that produces marketing strategies in minutes, rather than days, aided by a 2 to 3-hour marketing workshop where information on the company is inputted into the technology platform.

Working with channel partnership programs has provided the start-up with distribution to 10,000 companies in the B2B market globally, benefiting both the channel partner and the vendor.

“Robotic Marketer will offer a collaborative marketing workshop conducted by a marketing professional to channel partners around the globe, which will enable the production of a marketing strategy report giving the company insights into competitors, brand, digital performance and key recommendations for marketing tactics specifically aligned to business goals,” said Mellissah Smith, Founder, Robotic Marketer.

“We have been developing Robotic Marketer for 3 years and to go-to-market with such incredible brands in the technology sector is significant to our growth plans.

“Companies are seeking to improve their marketing performance, align spend to activations that provide a return on investment, and connect with the customer journey in a way that turns a lead into a sale.”

Robotic Marketer aims to scale the business globally through channel partnership programs both in the technology sector and other complementary industries such as accounting, management and coaching firms.

The most recent release of the technology enhances the ability to understand competitors at a level that most marketing strategies are not able to achieve. Deep diving into competitor marketing and utilizing data to ascertain performance against benchmarks and utilizing this knowledge to predict the best marketing activations for competitive marketing outcomes, is all part of the technology’s benefits.

“Every company wants a competitive advantage, and with Robotic Marketer they are able to achieve this,” said Smith.

“We all know that by having a marketing strategy in place, a company has a higher percentage of chance to achieving their desired goals.”

The transformation go-to-market strategy for Robotic Marketer is instrumental in building out the technology and providing funds to accelerate new modules for the implementation of content and media activations.

“There is a synergy between technology companies wanting to use platforms such as Robotic Marketer to accelerate their ability to help channel partners increase revenue performance.”

“Being targeted, understanding the competitor landscape and having tactics that are truly aligned to performance is imperative to that.”


About Robotic Marketer

Robotic Marketer was established in 2017, with the first prototype being developed with Queensland University of Technology. 50% of the employees at Robotic Marketer are women, with Mellissah Smith and Professor Richi Nayak from QUT leading the development of the technology. Robotic Marketer has been sold into more than 100 companies during beta testing stage and aims to complete more than 10,000 marketing strategies over a 12-month period with existing deals on the platform. Robotic Marketer has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Atlanta.

For more information, contact Anna D’Souza on 03 9692 7600 or Morgan Doyle on +1 206 369 1950


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