Partner Program

A partnership with Robotic Marketer is the future of Marketing and the key to success for your client base.


As a business, we understand you are always looking for better ways to help give back to your clients and you want them to grow their businesses and be successful. But did you know that 85% of small to medium sized businesses don’t have a marketing strategy in place due to the cost to develop and time restraints?

How a partnership with Robotic Marketer can help

Robotic Marketer can provide you with the ability to give your client base an in-depth Marketing Strategy that will be the ultimate guide for your clients to be successful. This strategy will include an in-depth company analysis and highlight key marketing objectives all the while supporting your client though the delivery of their marketing goals.

Why partner with Robotic Marketer?

  • You will work alongside complementary businesses such as other accounting and financial services firms that work directly with small to medium sized businesses.
  • We will provide you with a marketing technology platform that is unique to the industry allowing you to give your clients a product that exceeds past their present offerings.
  • We will create a channel that is multi-tiered and reaches businesses across all industry sectors that require a thorough marketing strategy in order to grow their businesses.
  • We will provide an avenue to increase revenue streams through additional product lines.
  • We will provide a product that is in-depth in nature and aligned to financial performance, industry benchmarking and data science.

The Robotic Marketer Channel Partner Program offers you a robust set of resources including a Marketing tool kit, onboarding kit, training sales collateral, white label marketing guide and feedback/quality control capabilities to allow our partners the ability to develop expertise around specific Marketing functions, product areas, and industries so they can best serve their client base.

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    Partner Program


    Brand Soul

    Founded in 2016, Brand Soul International is an independent, sustainable-driven, and innovative brand and marketing strategy design consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur.

    Known for helping organisations to improve profitability and achieve sustainable growth through a data-led approach, Brand Soul has revolutionised how branding & marketing is done with its differentiators, namely data-led brand strategy & identity framework, integrated web design & content strategy, precise marketing, and brand-centred training & development programmes.

    Brand Soul’s innovative approach to branding and marketing led it to win several coveted awards. By delivering data-driven branding & marketing solutions that can be transformed into actionable insights, coupled with a proven brand & marketing strategy formulation, the firm believes that brands connect better and smarter.