“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

Sir Winston Churchill


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Improving your marketing outcomes and filling your sales funnel is easier than you think. We can help you establish a clear path to improving your brand awareness, generating leads and filling your sales funnel – so that your sales team has no excuse not to sell.

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To book a marketing workshop ($3,950 reduced to $1,290):

  • Get together your key stakeholders: Management, Sales and Marketing
  • Allow for 1 hour preparation where you will fill in information on your company into Robotic Marketer technology. It’s simple to do and saves time in the workshop.
  • Wherever your team is in the world (or WFH), get them together for 2 hours in a room (or virtually) and one of our chief marketing officers will host a workshop.

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      We will go through with your team:

      • Your business and sales goals
      • Marketing objectives (i.e. build brand awareness/generate leads/improve overall marketing)
      • Brand, unique selling proposition, brand story etc.
      • Marketing tactics: lead generation, direct marketing, email marketing, website, social media, SEO, public relations, advertising, events etc.

      Within one week, our team will deliver to you:

      • A comprehensive marketing strategy
      • 12-month marketing calendar and implementation plan
      • High level 2-page management overview of marketing strategy
      • On-board you to the marketing dashboard so you can manage all your marketing activities in one place

      What you will have is:

      • A clear direction for your sales and marketing teams
      • Tactical marketing activities that are part of a cadence and ongoing marketing program
      • Lists of media contacts, events, awards programs, LinkedIn groups and more (no need to spend days putting this together)
      • Ability to integrate your marketing activities into your project management software for the 12 months
      • Management of your marketing strategy progress on one dashboard (no more wasting time with reporting!)

      Any questions, please call us or email us on info@roboticmarketer.com