Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

There’s a better way to achieve your marketing goals

You are 414% more likely to achieve your goals with a documented marketing strategy in place

Marketers with a documented marketing strategy are significantly more likely to achieve business goals. Robotic Marketer helps small-to-medium and mid-market businesses develop, manage, execute and report on marketing strategies. Simply, sign up for the Robotic Marketer marketing strategy technology platform, and your business will have a comprehensive 50+ page marketing strategy in minutes!


Your business is a further 426% more likely to achieve business goals with an implementation plan integrated in project management software. Robotic Marketer is designed to increase the performance levels of the marketing function in businesses.

This is achieved by:

  • Reduced time entrepreneurs and marketers spend on marketing strategy
  • Automated development of media, event, networking, public speaking and awards lists
  • Benchmarking against competitor and ‘like’ companies based on industry, size of business, budget and resources
  • Industry best practice integration into marketing tactics
  • Higher predictability of marketing outcomes based on effort and budgetary constraints

Robotic Marketer provides:

  • Easy onboarding to Robotic Marketer marketing strategy technology platform
  • Complimentary 2-hour marketing workshop facilitated by a marketing professional
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy: set goals and objectives, website analysis, competitor and customer profiling, branding and key messaging, marketing tactics & more.
  • 12-month implementation plan easily integrated into project management software
  • Subscription to marketing strategy digital dashboard integrating your digital performance against competitors, Google Analytics, social media, influencer lists, curated blog headings, email marketing/marketing automation performance, sales funnel analysis and more.

Interested in achieving your marketing goals?