Robotic Marketer Job - Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Communications Manager

Hey! If you are looking to up your marketing game, put on your best shoes and deliver compelling marketing workshops to some of the most successful companies around the globe – let’s chat.

Our promise:

Great company and even better people. Startup – so you need to roll your sleeves up but really interesting work. You will work with some of the brightest brains in technology and marketing. For those who are seeking a fulfilling career move, where anything and everything is possible, apply.

About Us

Robotic Marketer is an early-stage technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We have built the world’s first marketing strategy technology platform designed to help entrepreneurs and marketers develop marketing strategies, implementation plans and manage the entire marketing function in one place. Within 20 minutes, our technology develops a 40+ page marketing strategy, 12-month marketing implementation plan and overarching marketing overview based on data inputs.


Buckhead, Atlanta

Job Summary

This role requires a highly skilled and professional Marketing Communications Manager, capable of providing marketing consultation to clients, managing partnerships and driving marketing campaigns. This is the first position of this type we have hired for in the US market, designed to expand our footprint with channel partnership programs and direct SMB sales. The role is diverse covering every aspect of the marketing mix and requires the Marketing Communications Manager to be able to consult directly to clients, manage client accounts and be trained on Robotic Marketer technology suite.


• Develops (with the assistance of Robotic Marketer), implements and executes strategic marketing plans
• Organizes and oversees multi-channel marketing campaigns to build client base
• Directs implementation of best practices through paid media channels
• Analyzes overall marketing plan and performance
• Drafts lead engagement and relationship management strategies leveraging technology
• Collaborates with SEO Manager and webmasters to develop website content strategy
• Manages campaign marketing budget
• Writes compelling items for diverse marketing channels
• Collaborates with key partners to build and optimize customer experience
• Shares knowledge and experiences with marketing peers and assists with cross promotion programs

Required Qualifications

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education in Marketing, Business or related field
Required Experience
Four (4) years of experience in building complex marketing programs and campaigns within multiple channels

Essential Experience

• Previous Marketing experience in technology and professional services industries
• Experience in advanced Google Analytics, and Microsoft Office suite
• Previous experience in project management, social media, event planning, print, and direct mail
• Experience in account management and as a marketing manager preferably consulting.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

• Knowledge of strategic and operational planning for campaigns and marketing projects
• Skilled in the development and execution of marketing plans and strategies
• Able to conduct and utilize various data analysis
• Able to facilitate complex marketing campaigns and project management
• Able to participate in local, regional, national and international discussions and initiatives regarding standards, best practices, and new concepts related to growth of Robotic Marketer
• Proficient with computer applications and programs associated with the position (Microsoft Office suite and Google Analytics)
• Able to research, write and edit original content for print, online, multi-media and social media
• Able to handle multiple tasks or projects at one time meeting assigned deadlines
• Excellent interpersonal, initiative, teamwork, problem solving, independent judgment, organization, communication (verbal and written), time management, project management and presentation skills
• Strong attention to detail and follow up skills (typos are the number one reasons clients leave agencies!)
• Strong coaching skills
• Strong customer service skills and phone and e-mail etiquette
• Knowledge of traditional and emerging marketing channels
• Familiar with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in marketing

Salary Range

$65k to $95k


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