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Why Blogging is Key to Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • On : June 23, 2020

Source: StoryChief

When it comes to your content marketing strategy, blogging should be home base.

The fact that there are 105 types of content is unsettling. As if we needed to be overwhelmed today. It’s time to get back to our storytelling roots. It’s time to blog.

Here are 15 reasons your content strategy must include blogging:

  1. You’ll generate 3x more leads via blogs than through ads
  2. Blogging is perfect for SEO
  3. Blogging provides 4x the likelihood of being found in organic search
  4. 52% of marketers agree that blogging is the most critical marketing tactic
  5. Blogging magnifies your brand
  6. Blog posts help build a long-lasting content machine
  7. Your blogs are an opportunity for transparency
  8. Blogging showcases your WHY

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Source: StoryChief