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Find out about Robotic Marketer – the first AI based marketing program that can produce marketing strategies faster and smarter than ever before.


Robotic Marketer is the first marketing strategy software that is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data.

By hosting an online marketing workshop, facilitated by an experienced marketing manager, information is automatically entered into Robotic Marketer producing an in-depth, 40+ page marketing strategy complete with actionable insights into optimizing your marketing efforts.

Given the velocity, complexity and volume of omni-channel marketing tools today, Robotic Marketer makes sense of a companies business goals and aligns the marketing strategy accordingly.

Humans versus robots

The process takes up to 3-hours of a company’s time and produces a more accurate, predictive based marketing strategy than that of a human.

Companies are needing to move fast with an ever-changing economy. Robotic Marketer allows for the alignment of sales and marketing efforts to overall business outcomes, proactive rather than reactive and based on data science and thousands of other marketing strategy outcomes.

How did Robotic Marketer come about?

Three years ago, the founder Mellissah Smith came up with the idea that through machine learning, software robotics and artificial intelligence, her agency Marketing Eye would be able to produce over 350 marketing strategies per year at a higher standard, more data-driven and results orientated than ever before.

On top of that, her team would spend more time executing the marketing strategies than the typical 80 to 150 hour time that is wasted on developing the marketing strategy.

In fact, Marketing Eye would be able to produce marketing strategies faster, smarter and with greater capacity to be more successful as the technology improves and is less reliant on humans.

Uproar from the industry showed that Robotic Marketer was possible

People are scared of change. They are terrified that their jobs will no longer be relevant. The idea that a combination of software robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence replacing marketing professionals is concerning for those who spent their education and careers in the industry.

What they don’t have the foresight to see is that they are already being replaced by email marketing, Google and marketing automation are only two examples. Instead, humans will always have a place building relationships, being creative, having the conversations and of course, feeding and improving the robots.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics and benchmarking of marketing strategy outcomes, aligning them with financial results and resources, will ultimately give companies a greater chance of success.

Robotic Marketer is an industry leader and innovator, progressing the age-old manual development of marketing strategies and replacing them with a smarter solution. Small and medium sized businesses will have the same advantages as their larger counterparts, if not more, using Robotic Marketer.

This is the beginning of a huge shift in the marketing industry and the foundation for every company to be successful. Find out more by speaking with one of our Robotic Marketer consultants today.

Experience the most powerful, intuitive, data science-based marketing strategy technology platform in the world today. Robotic Marketer is an artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, predictive analytics marketing platform that transforms information on your company, your digital input, business goals and marketing objectives into an actionable marketing strategy.

As your perfect marketing colleague, Robotic Marketer gives businesses the blueprint to reach their goals, no matter how big or small they are. We deliver for you a step-by-step marketing strategy, complete with everything you, your team or your agency needs to know to produce the results required.

For more information on how you can have a winning marketing strategy in your hands, contact us today.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide you with a robot-driven marketing strategy that is more in-depth and useful than ever before. We want every company to have the opportunity to have a custom built strategy. Helping them achieve their marketing goals without the time, cost and resource restrictions that can often hold companies back.

The Product

The Marketing Strategies that the Robotic Marketer produces are smarter, more intuitive, market researched and fact-based than your usual strategy. Plus they include an in-depth analysis of competitors providing recommended marketing activities and spend. Basically, if you use Robotic Marketer you will receive the best robot-possible marketing strategy available in the world today.

A smart way to succeed in business

We are always looking for ways to help our clients grow their businesses. Having a business plan in place is important, but also having a marketing strategy that is your blueprint to driving more sales, increasing your brand awareness and maximising opportunities in the market, will help your company stand out from the crowd.

The smart way to develop a marketing strategy just became affordable.

85% of businesses don’t have a marketing strategy in place due to the cost to develop and time restraints. We realise that this is the reality for many small to medium-sized businesses- and now that is about to change.

Robotic Marketer provides businesses with an online marketing workshop facilitated by a marketing manager, producing an automated 40+ page marketing strategy.

In effect, for a couple of hours of your time, you will have a complete marketing blueprint in your hands ready for implementation. There will be no second guessing how you spend your marketing efforts and what ROI is expected.

Why Robotic Marketer?

It’s simple. You still benefit from the expertise of a marketing manager, but you also get the added bonus of a technology that deep dives into your competitors and market, analyzes the best way your company can connect with customers and prospects, and provides you with key recommendations on your marketing strategy moving forward.

This technology uses past marketing strategy successes to create smarter future marketing strategies using artificial intelligence, big data, data crawling and scraping that is game-changing.

All you have to do is sign up today, and you will be on your way to achieving business success.

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